Astronomy links

The following links give information about Astronomy that I think is very important and highly informative.  If you have a link that you think should be added feel free to send me an email with the web site link at (Substitute the # with the @).


The Sun and solar weather

Space weather - a great web site with lots of information besides the sun.  Not only is a great source for what is going on with the Sun, it also gives alerts associated with planets, meteors, comets, and anything else astronomical.

NOAA space weather dashboard - A great indicator for Auroral actvity. Lots of information that one can use to see if an aurora is visible.



ALPO - Nope, it isn't for your dog.  It is the Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers.  This is planet central with all the observations made by amateurs for all the planets. They even observe the minor ones! 

Satellite observing

Heavens above website - This is the best website to find out what is going to be visible during your nights observing session.


IAU website - All the information about comets and asteroids. 

Seiichi Yoshida's web site - Great source of information about comets and some software.  His link to visual comets in the future can really allow you to plan your efforts to catch a comet. He provides charts and magnitude estimates that usually are pretty good.

Cometography - A great resource about past comets. 


The American Meteor Society - Where you want to go on how to observe meteors.

North American Meteor Network - Another resource on observing meteors and planning efforts to watch meteor showers.



The Hawaiian Astronomical Society's constellation page - Great link to learn about constellations and mythology associated with them.



QCUIAG - A website that is great for information about modifying webcams for astroimaging.

Panther Observatory - Awesome photos and some good tips.

Christian Buil - An excellent resource about Digital SLR's and astrophotography.

Catching the light - Jerry Lodiguss is a great astroimager and his website is highly informative.

Sky and Telescope - How to use a Digital SLR in astrophotography.

Ray Shore's webcam astrophotography - More information about webcam photography. He even has a section on digital SLRs.

Steve Cannistra's tutorials - Getting the image is only half the job these days. Now you have to process the image. This web site is a great place to learn how.



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