March 13, 1989:The sky is on fire!

Orlando Florida is one of the least likely places for an aurora to be seen but it did happen. On March 13, 1989, the warm weather inhabitants of central Florida (as well as further south) were treated an impressive all sky red aurora with numerous rays. I had gone outside just to take out my garbage. I looked up and saw a red sky. At first I thought there must be a big fire nearby but I heard no alarms or sirens.  Suddenly, it dawned on me that this was an aurora visible from central Florida! I rapidly called all my friends and fellow astronomers to alert them of the spectacle.  I also grabbed all the film I could find in the house and began shooting photographs. These are some of the more interesteting ones.


The yellowish auroral rays are clearly visible in this photograph of Leo. The reddish-pink sky extended as far south as below the celestial equator.


More auroral rays in Leo.


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