The infamous road shot - Photo #19 (Walters)

UFOs on the attack: Mid-January 1988 to early February 1988

Tim Printy October 2008

The New Year seemed to bring a respite for Ed but it did not last long because on the 12th of January, the UFOs returned. That afternoon, Ed called Don Ware, of MUFON, and told him of a short "hum" that he had felt. Shortly thereafter, Ed realized that he would have to go back to a work site to ensure there was power available for the next day.

I drove about seven miles on Highway 98, a major four-lane highway connecting Gulf Breeze and Fort Walton. Several times I thought of turning back, going home, but didn't. Instead I made the turn onto County Road 191B, Soundside Drive. The sun was setting and cast long shadows of pine tops across the narrow road, which curves through a pine woods thick with underbrush and black jack oaks. I pressed the gas pedal and rounded a curve. Everything turned bright white. The hood reflected a brilliant flash. Some of the "light" came through the windshield and hit my arms ... It was extremely bright and let my eyes trying to refocus on the road. Within seconds, I realized I couldn't feel my arms ... Still accelerating down the road, I knew I was in trouble ... From overhead, and coming from behind, the UFO passed straight down the road in front of me. It stopped and hovered in the middle of the road. I was still going about forty-five miles an hour when I put on the brakes and swerved to the left. I hit the brakes hard and came to a stop about 200 feet from the UFO...As I left the paving to the left side and onto the grass shoulder, my hands couldn't control the turn, and all I was doing was driving closer to the UFO, which was still hovering in place...For a few seconds I stared at it. No change; it just hovered. I remembered my shotgun behind the seat and tried to reach it with my right hand. No feeling ... I leaned across the seat to retrieve the camera, which had rolled over between the passenger seat and the door. By bracing my arm on the steering wheel, I managed to shoot photo 19 ... I panicked, afraid the white flash could hit me in the truck cab. Out of the truck and onto the ground I pushed myself in a gasping rush ... I was trying to crawl under the truck. The camera was slung on my wrist, and I dragged the shotgun with my right hand. When I looked forward, down the road, the UFO wasn't there. I was halfway under the truck when it hit again. Flash? My legs stung and went numb from the knees down ... A blue beam flashed from the UFO to the road. Five times it shot down. Each blue beam deposited a creature on the road close to the UFO. I began to yell obscenities. Finally all five began to move in lock-step toward me. Each one had a silver rod ... When I stumbled into the driver's seat, they were about halfway from the UFO. I threw the truck into reverse and backed across the road. Finally, without looking back, I fled ... When I reached the main highway, with all its traffic, I pulled over and rubbed some life into my arms ... (Walters 121-123)

The UFO had openly attacked Ed outside the confines of his own neighborhood! It seems that the motives and tactics of the aliens had changed. They were no longer interested in just "buzzing" Ed and making a single abduction. The aliens seemed to solely interested in abducting Ed repeatedly or permanently.

The next day, Ed reported that a special agent McKathy from the Air Force and another man arrived at his door. They demanded the photographs and presented what appeared to be some form of warrant for them. The agents then began a search of the house. Ed appeased the agents by telling them the pictures were with a Miami Herald reporter and none of the pictures were there. After they had left, Ed went about his business for the day without even calling the local police or mayor to complain about such treatment. Instead, Ed was eager to discuss the January 12th sighting with MUFON representative, Charles Flannigan. He met Flannigan near the location of this encounter, where the events on the road had occurred. While conducting his reenactment, Ed pointed out tire tracks that were 190 feet from the location of the UFO in the photograph. Flannigan noted the position for reenacting the scene at a later date and photographic analysis. Ed did mention the agents to Flannigan, who stated he would look into the matter. It seems that nothing came of this check. The mystery of the "special agents" would never be solved and it was later suggested that it could have been UFOlogists or "debunkers" in disguise trying to obtain the photographs.

The aliens threw another twist into the mix by revealing a new craft a few days later on January 16. At 2AM, Ed awoke again to the humming in his head. Ed, not considering the potential danger, went outside with his camera:

Moments later I noticed a particular star that gave off a reddish glow. It was different. So much so that I finally realized that it was closer and not a star at all. Immediately it began to descend. Straight at me, it was falling and growing in size.

I could see it clearly, and it was not like the other crafts. Very different, much smaller, and more of a traditional saucer shape ... Another distinct difference was the transparent "energy veil" that glowed and extended about four feet below the circular power source.

Then, higher than the energy veil UFO, another UFO winked in, giving off a bright white glow from its power source ... I shot photo 20. Within seconds the "energy veil" UFO slowly moved off to the east. Then, followed by the bright UFO, both craft raced away and winked out as they reached my vantage point looking toward the roof line of my house ... (Walters 131)

Ed pondered the meaning of this encounter and wondered to himself, why he was selected to experience such events. Even more interesting to note was that Ed continued to use his simple Polaroid instead of his video camera or some more capable instrument to record his encounters.

The following day, the international director of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), Walter Andrus showed up at Ed's house. While it sounds like an impressive title, it is self-appointed since Andrus founded MUFON. Andrus questioned Ed about the encounters and examined the photographs. Several of the investigators discussed a stakeout of Ed's house in order to verify the next encounter. Andrus seemed very impressed and, the next day, released his conclusions to the press declaring, "This is one of the most amazing UFO cases that I have investigated in the past 30 years in the United States" (Walters 135). MUFON was beginning to show signs of endorsing this case as authentic even though the investigation had not been completed and none of the events had been positively verified.

The MUFON team did setup their "stakeout" to verify Ed's tale. Radio communications were established between Ed and an observer who was stationed only a quarter-mile away. This turned out to be a total failure because on the one occasion Ed had an encounter, he could not convey to the observer where the UFO was located in the sky. While Ed was screaming for him to look at the UFO to the south, the observer (Robert Reid) was looking at an airplane trying to land in the Northwest. On other occasions, Ed tried to contact the observer but was unable to find them for some reason. The MUFON team never was able to verify one of Ed's encounters while they were on stakeout.

Another example of the MUFON's failure occurred on January 24th when Ed experienced the humming noise in his head again and believed a UFO was near. Ed tried to alert the MUFON observer, Gary Watson, over the radio but, unfortunately, Gary was not there. Instead of trying to find Watson, Ed went to Duane Cook, the Gulf Breeze Sentinel editor. Ed brought a video camera and his Polaroid, already loaded. On the drive out of town, Ed complained of pains in his head and eyes. Instead of seeking medical attention for this incredible pain, Ed asked Duane to record the entire episode with the video camera. Eventually, Ed stopped the truck, got out, and screamed for the UFO to appear. Cook followed and videotaped Ed in extreme pain screaming for the UFO to appear. Eventually, the pain subsided but the hum was still there. Duane got back into the truck and continued to record the episode. At this instant, with Duane in the truck and Ed outside, the UFO appeared. Ed got a quick photograph of it but as fast as it arrived, the UFO disappeared. Cook had missed the UFO but seemed satisfied that he had seen Ed take a picture of the UFO. The photograph shows a UFO with streaks extending upward indicating apparent motion during the photograph. Later analyses showed that the UFO must have been moving at a speed of 500 feet per second (roughly 340 mph) to record the streaks in the image. Unfortunately, Ed and MUFON were still unable to get a good solid witness, outside of his inner family circle, to backup the story of Ed photographing these UFOs.

The next day, the 25th, Ed took an evening walk with Charles Flannigan in order to find the "landing zone" of the UFO that had shown up a month before in the field. While wandering about, Ed chanced upon a 10-foot circle of dead grass that was near the alleged landing site. Amazingly nobody had noticed the circle for the past month. Samples were taken of the circle in order to determine why the grass had not grown back yet. Later analysis by Max E. Griggs and the University of Florida determined,

I have not been able to identify the cause of the grass dying, but evidence supports either the influence of a short-lived toxic chemical or exposure of the grass to an energy source capable of killing it. Either of these would have required mechanical precision to do what was observed in the field. (Walters 344)

This analysis was apparently the only one performed on the samples and there is no record of it being analyzed elsewhere to verify the conclusions.

Meanwhile, events continued to happen rapidly in the Walters home and the next evening, while Ed was in the shower, the odd UFO with the "red energy veil" appeared. Frances saw the UFO, calmly took a photograph, and called for Ed. Ed came out with a towel wrapped around him and began to curse at the UFO. He demanded that the UFO land. The UFO told him "Zeehaas ... We are here for you" (Walters Sightings 165) and "Zeehaas ... sleep and know" (Walters 166). The UFO then disappeared leaving Ed standing out in the cool weather with nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist.

After this event, things finally slowed down and there were no UFO encounters for the rest of the month and into early February. Ed was able to get a chance to go to the local television station (WEAR-3 TV) and prepare a documentary on his sightings. His videotape was copied and pictures recorded on video. Mark Curtis, the reporter from the television station, seemed enthusiastic. A Gulf Breeze Sentinel article stated Mark was "... excited about being a part of what experts say are the most well-documented UFO sightings of all time" (Walters 171). Curtis appeared to be quite impressed by Ed's story. Meanwhile, Ed continued to assess much of what was happening. Alien abduction specialist, Budd Hopkins arrived in the Gulf Breeze area in order to evaluate Ed's apparent kidnapping by aliens. All of this kept Ed rather busy and, fortunately for him, the aliens did not interfere by making another appearance.

The last close encounter Ed would have for some time was one of the most frightening. February 7th started out as a normal evening for Ed and his family. Suddenly, Ed's daughter alerted him that his wife was calling for him. Frances was yelling because the UFO was outside. Again, Ed showed presence of mind and grabbed his camera as he went to the back door. Frances was heading for the door, when a blue beam shot down, barely missing her. Ed was able to capture on film this brief and unexpected event. Fearing for their safety, the family moved about the house trying to evade the UFO. Eventually they ended up in the garage cooped up in the family van. The UFO sent Ed another message of "Do not deny us" (Walters 178) and left. Feeling that things were safe, Ed had his family move back into the house where they fell asleep in the recreation room. The UFOs seem to be playing for keeps but, luckily, as long as the Walters remained in their home, they were safe from the advanced alien technology.

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