My opinions about UFOs and UFOlogy


After twenty years of the wretched things, I am bored to death with UFO’s. Any letters on the subject will not be forwarded by my publishers. If forwarded, they will not be read. And if read, they will not be answered. (Arthur C. Clarke writing in The promise of space)

UFOlogy is the name often used to describe the study of UFOs.  After reading numerous books on the subject and seeing many UFOlogists present their cases, I have formed my opinion about their efforts over the years. The following list of articles summarizes that opinion.

UFOLOGYs desire for Scientific Recognition

Debunking and UFOlogy

UFO hoaxes: Can you fool all the UFOlogists all of the time?

UFOlogy: 50 Years of futility, frustration, and failure

Skeptics, Debunkers, and Pelicanists, OH MY!

Astronomers and UFOs

The UFO disclosure myth

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