A myriad of objects can be reported as UFOs but are they really something strange or just something that appears strange?

Witness perception issues

.... witnesses were usually right when they said that something had happened at a particular place, although they could be wildly wrong about what had happened. (R.V. Jones - The natural philosophy of flying saucers)

The biggest concern with UFOs and eyewitness testimony has to be how witnesses perceive what they saw as compared to what they actually saw.  Many UFOlogists have difficulty in recognizing the fact that eyewitnesses are not perfect mechanisms for recording events.  As a result, many UFO stories are considered unexplainable by UFOlogy. The following articles discuss some of the problems with eyewitness perception. 

Klass's Ten UFOlogical principles For Investigating UFOs

The Ability of Eyewitnesses

When stars become UFOs

The Rockets Red Glare: How Satellite reentry's and meteors produce UFO reports

Up, Up and away in my beautiful UFO: Balloons and UFOs

The Moon as a UFO

Venus: The Queen of UFOs


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