UFO over Trindade Island: Scientific evidence or trick photography?

by Tim Printy June 2004

NOTE: When I stated this webpage, I was hoping to add to work already begun by Kentaro Mori. However, Mori has not stopped in his pursuit on facts regarding this case and he seems to be way ahead of a lot of my ideas. His work is readily available at http://www.geocities.com/airsmither/trindade_index.htm which continues to be updated with new information. Hopefully, my web page will provide some additional information that can supplement his work.

Additionally, Martin Shough had put together an excellent web page about his research concerning the Trindade case. I may not agree with some of his conclusions but his work is excellent and worth reviewing. You can find it at http://www.geocities.com/parcellular/ufo/trindex.htm

According to many UFOlogists, one of the most impressive UFO classic cases is the one where Almiro Barauna took four photographs of a UFO from the Brazilian training ship, Almirante Saldanha, near the island of Trindade. What makes this case so impressive is that the photographs have not been proven to be the result of trick photography and, according to many accounts, there were dozens of eyewitnesses who saw the UFO as it was photographed. Many skeptics have suggested these images were hoaxed by a variety of methods but nobody has been able to demonstrate how it was done or, if it were a hoax, why so many eyewitnesses reported seeing the UFO. Exactly how impressive the case really is, may depend on how one interprets the evidence.

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