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The following are links I have discovered over the years that I find interesting and informative.  Hopefully, you will find them just as enjoyable.


CSI is the ultimate skeptical page for UFO's. These guys don't believe anything paranormal.

Project 1947. A wonderful site for researching and news reports. This is a must for the UFO researcher with lots of good sightings and documents. It doesn't cost anything to look either. Will it follow Saucer Smear and UFO Updates cue and start asking for cash so that the public can learn all about UFOs?

The Debunker's Domain Robert Sheaffer's site including his UFO investigations.

UFOlogy definitely needs a WATCHDOG. Royce Myers is the top dog here.

The CONDON REPORT ON-LINE. This saved my only copy from being torn to bits through excessive use. I was going to do this myself but thanks to the National Capital Area skeptics, I won't have to do so. Go to http://www.ncas.org/condon/

James Oberg addresses many UFOs and space myths. Check out his website at http://www.jamesoberg.com/.

Interested in project bluebook files?  This archive is almost complete but a far more complete and easier to search web site is the Fold 3 archive.

Magonia has arisen from the ashes. I thought they had parted from the internet due to lack of interest but they have returned, which is great because they write some great stuff. Hopefully, this site will become permanent.

I know I beat Roswell to death but the Roswell files is an excellent companion link.

Gary Posner interviews Philip Klass.

A good site with lots of links can be found at: http://www.halloweencostumes.com/ufo-history-and-folklore.html


Discussion groups

James Randi Education Forum.   A rather diverse discussion forum, which includes UFOs.

Facebook UFO updates group.  If you are on facebook, one can view and participate in some exchanges about UFOs.  I tend not to participate but it is worth reading.

The UFO collective.  Another UFO group that contains a lot of big names discussing some important UFO cases.



The Bad Astronomer. He doesn't discuss UFOs often but he does take on astronomical events confused with UFOs and other space nonsense (like Hoagland). Definitely a well written blog.

Bad UFOs.  Robert Sheaffer's skeptical commentary regarding UFOs and UFOlogy is worth reading.

Forgetomori. Kentaro Mori's weblog. Mori's work on Trindade and other cases from Brazil is to be commended despite what certain UFOlogists have stated. Pay attention to this one and you are sure to learn something. Mr. Mori has since diverted his attention elsewhere but his blog still is up and viewable.

Dr David Clarke's blog.  One of the UK's best UFO historians. His commentary is quite revealing about what is happening across the pond.

Magonia has returned from the ashes and their blog is back! John Rimmer is the author and you do not want to miss his latest commentary.  Previously, the blog died and the author only made entries once a month or so. It looks like things might have changed. I can only hope he keeps up the pace and gives us some pearls of wisdom every week or so.

A different perspective. Kevin Randle's weblog. I find Randle's work on Roswell shoddy and it makes me wonder about some of his other ideas. Some of what he writes are just cut and paste from all his previous books. You would think somebody who has written so many books could at least be original in his writings by giving us that "different perspective" and not the same old one. Still, he is a good writer and can do some good research. Over the years, he seems to have improved his skepticism concerning UFO testimony (except when it comes to Roswell). Individuals like Kaufmann and Schmitt might have something to do with it. Randle is still serving as a member of the military (Presently a member of the National Guard serving with the Army) and is sometimes away on deployment. As a retired member of the US Navy, I respect him for this service more than anything. Another one worth a visit.

The UFO Conjecture(s).  This used to be called UFO Iconoclast(s) and is Rich Reynold's blog.  I am not that big a fan but he does comment on just about everything that is current.  .

UFO Cases and possible solutions

RENDLESHAM - December 27, 1980. In this case, Air Force members investigated a strange light in the forest near the base. Over the years, this object went from a light to floating "pyramid-shaped" object with hieroglyphics on it. Sounds interesting but in reality, the Airman and their Colonel mistook some celestial phenomena and a distant lighthouse for an alien spaceship. Apparently, the lure of the almighty dollar and fame has lured these men in to exaggerating and lying about their participation in these events. James Easton used to run an excellent site discussing the matter but has shut down his web page. However, Ian Ridpath has most of the information Easton had in his webpage available. You can find Ian's web page at http://www.ianridpath.com/ufo/rendlesham.htm. Recently, the SCI-FI channel presented an expose' on the subject. As with their one-sided presentations of Roswell and Kecksburg, much of what was presented was selective and meant to present a certain perspective on the case. I have also been told that the lighthouse could not be seen because of a light-blocking shield on the lighthouse. Rudiak's website was used as a reference to demonstrate that the lighthouse could not be seen by the airmen. However, their statements back in 1980-81 stated they could see the lighthouse making that argument incorrect. Additionally, Ian Ridpath was there in 1983 and his pictures reveal that this light blocking shield did not obstruct the beam. Ridpath's site also has a clip of Vince Thurkettle talking from the supposed landing area and one can see the lighthouse in the background flashing away at the exact interval that Col Halt mentions in his audiotape! For anyone who questions this case, I suggest they inquire at Ian Ridpath's website for any further information. I am satisfied that most of this case has been explained by Ridpath and Easton's follow-up research.

JIMMY CARTER AND HIS UFO - January 6, 1969. Jimmy saw a bright UFO that night at the Lion's club with several witnesses attesting to it. However, further investigation revealed that it was our old pal, the planet Venus! Despite this obvious IFO, there are quite a few UFOlogists who state that it was not Venus. Check Robert Sheaffer's analysis at http://www.debunker.com/texts/carter_ufo.html so you can decide.

SPACE SHUTTLE "UFO'S" - STS-48 space shuttle flight. Supposedly, UFOlogists see strange spaceships flying at incredible speeds in this videotape. However, Skeptic and space expert James Oberg states that these are nothing but ice particles stirred up by the shuttles maneuvering jets. Check it out http://www.debunker.com/texts/sts48_ufo.html

The TRENT PHOTOGRAPHS - Considered some of the best evidence of UFOs as physical craft. The Condon report initially felt this was good evidence but later evaluation by Robert Sheaffer indicated there were problems with the photographs. Was it a hoax? See Robert's account at http://www.debunker.com/trent.html. Then you can visit Bruce Maccabee's other point of view: http://brumac.8k.com/trent1.html. Additionally, Joel Carpenter wrote an interesting piece that suggested the UFO is actually an old truck mirror suspended by a fishing line! This link is now dead but you can find an abbreviated version at http://www.nicap.org/trentphoto.htm.  Finally, a group called IPACO analyzed the photographs and determined that there is good reason to suspect it was a hoax.  UFOlogists are ignoring this analysis for various reasons. The main one appears to be that they do not want a prize UFO case debunked.

KENNETH ARNOLD SOLVED??? The ultimate UFO case. This one suffers from extensive controversy and James Easton is taking lots of heat from the Pro-ETH crowd. However, the suggested solution has merit! Based on a Marty Kottmeyer idea (http://www.reall.org/newsletter/v05/n06/resolving-arnold-part-1.html and http://www.reall.org/newsletter/v05/n07/resolving-arnold-part-2.html), Jim has gone far in explaining many parts of the case. The Arnold testimony in many instances points towards the Pelicans. However, Arnold's other descriptions point away from the Pelicans. The point is that if Arnold was mistaken on certain observations/recollections, it is possible that he did see a flight of Pelicans. James used to have an interesting section on his website but this is no longer active. Robert Sheaffer has a good collection as well on the infamous Arnold case: http://www.debunker.com/arnold.html

ABDUCTION EVIDENCE: I am familiar with many alien abduction proponents talking about how these aliens have left implants and that some have been removed for analysis in the past. All sorts of claims have been made about these items that have been removed. However, when the scientific program NOVA asked for such artifacts, these UFOlogists refused or chose not to present the valuable evidence. I guess they did not want their evidence to be exposed for what it really was! This is an old UFOlogy trick. They want science to look at their evidence but they don't want science to look at the evidence closely. I guess the physical evidence surrounding UFO abductions must be less than convincing.

ROBERT LAZAR EXPOSED! The Area 51 worker, who claimed to have worked on a flying saucer appears to have a rather dubious past. I was very skeptical of this guy at the start. His stories were just too fantastic to believe. My suspicions were confirmed when I read this timeline by Tom Mahood at http://www.ufo.it/testi/lazar1.htm


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