What the witnesses’ report is hard to say. The investigators in their reports heavily edit out most of the information. I have also noted that several have either changed their versions of events or their original versions were not recorded well. Also, exact locations are often missing. This makes it difficult to analyze the data. Times are approximate and one has to realize that the times are not synchronized. Even if Peter Davenport at NUFORC was recording the times of his calls based on his clock, one must realize that the times of the calls are after the observations and may be as late as 10-15 minutes. There are going to be inaccuracies on the times because of this.


Some of the observations do not provide any significant data and seem unreliable. Their times are different or their description of the objects is off. It is hard to determine what they saw since Hamilton’s report jumps around so much. The basic outline is now available. There was a formation of five (and possibly seven) lights flying in V-shaped pattern from the northern half of the state to the southern portion. These are the common threads and are critical in trying to resolve what the objects were.


Richard Motzer, from Arizona MUFON, seemed to take a more skeptical bent in his studies of the events. To his credit, he deduced the flare event before the media. He is still wondering about the V-shaped formation event and seems to be interested in finding the cause. His skeptical approach demonstrates that not all UFOlogists are interested in confusing the situation vice clarifying it. He reports that the "lights were not like aircraft landing lights but more like stars" and "The V formation lights looked like stars with the brightness of Sirius.." (Motzer) These comments indicate that the lights were either very small or very far away.


Witness Name Location Time Source Remarks
None Kingman, Az 8:00 PM Davenport 5 orange lights in V-formation. Direction of Red Lake (north).
None Chino Valley, Az Time given 11:33 but is not correct based on statements Davenport 5 white lights from NW. Lights went out as they passed over. Passed west of position. Lights moved towards NE of Prescott "Love field" airport.
None Paulden, Az 8:16 PM Davenport 4-5 red lights in a V-formation followed by a single light. No noise.
None Prescott, Az 8:15 PM Davenport 7 white lights. Binoculars revealed that each light was two (one red and one green). 1000 ft above ground.
None Prescott, Az 8:15 PM Davenport 5 yellow-white lights travel from NW to NE and then south. All five covered 1 degree of sky. Lights individual and not single structure.
Multiple Prescott, Az 8:17 PM Davenport 4 – 5 bright lights in triangular shape. No noise
None Prescott, Az 8:17 PM Davenport Lights were white, orientation changed, triangular formation. No noise
None Prescott Valley, Az 8:17 PM Davenport Red lights in triangular pattern. Lead light was white. Visible 2-3 min. no noise.
5 adults, one youth Dewey, Az None Davenport Large cluster of lights in "V"- shape. Larger than his fist at arms length. Assumed 1000ft altitude. Silent.
Amateur astronomer West Phoenix None Davenport Moved North to south. Each light was actually two lights.
Mother Phoenix 1 mi south of Camel Back Mt None Davenport Visible 5 minutes. Larger than clenched fist held at arm’s length. Boomerang shape. Fired red beam as it passed to south. Lights dimmed and faded out as it passed overhead.
Tim Ley Phoenix, Az (Squaw mountain area) None Price, Davenport Vague outline. Lights like gas. Distortion-like field around object. Silent. Stars disappeared near lights. 100-150 feet in altitude. (1000 feet overhead in NUFORC report)
Tim MacDonald Phoenix, Az None Steckner 3 lights in triangle shape. Visible 2-3 minutes. Lights went out one by one.
None Phoenix, Az 8:45 PM Davenport Moved from NW to SE. 500-1000 feet high. Size of yard stick at arms length. Single object which matched shade of sky. Lights (no numbers).
None NW Tempe 8:20 PM Davenport 5 red/orange lights, No single object, Lights were separate objects.
Bruce Gerboth Ahwatukee, Az 8:15-8:30 PM Hamilton/ Davenport 5 amber lights in triangle formation. Stars visible between lights. Moved from NW to SE. Passed overhead.
None Phoenix, Az None Hamilton 5 lights in V-formation. Moved south along Rte 51 and a little to east of it.
Kelley and wife Glendale, Az 67th Ave. 8:15 PM Hamilton 7 lights in V-formation. No noise. Est 2000-5000 ft altitude. Blimp speed. Saw 3rd light on right break formation. Not a single object.
Ozma and Willie Scottsdale, AZ None Hamilton 3-4X size of 747. Silent
Pete Fournier Phoenix, AZ – Edgemont and 42nd Due North of East end of Sky Harbor runway. After 8PM Hamilton/King 5 lights low on horizon as line. When passed over, seen as V-formation. Light on eastern leg of formation shifted. Silent. Bright white lights. Lights spread out over a 10 degree field. Passed to east of his location.
Mike Fortson Chandler,Az /McQueen and Frye Road 8:30 PM Hamilton/ Fortson Passed between him and moon. Moon’s color changed. 737 passed above it but did not avoid it. Translucent surface. Est 1 mile wide and at altitude of 1500-2000 feet. Object was 2 miles to west of him and moving at 35mph.
None 42ND and Ray Road 8:35 PM Hamilton 5-7 lights. Relative motion between lights. Silent. Passed overhead and lights dimmed. Lights gradually went out one by one.
None Saddlebrook N. of Tuscon, AZ 8:45 PM Hamilton Diamond formation moving south. Lights were golden-yellow.
None Tuscon, AZ 8:45-9:00 PM Davenport Moved from NW to south in nose-to-tail formation.
None Kingman, Az After 9PM Davenport Large bizarre cluster of lights.
Charles Painter Casa Grande, Az None Fiscus 3 lights in triangle pattern. Silent


The Kingman sighting was reported at the end of this "mass sighting". It probably was recorded at the time it was received and the man said he was enroute to LA. He may have seen them earlier and just got to report the sighting when he got to Kingman. I have driven this stretch of road and there are not a lot of towns or villages along the way. He probably saw them at the 8PM time and did not get to Kingman until an hour or so later. This seems to fit the profile of the event.  Also, the NUFORC sightings index shows the report made by another Kingman observer who states seeing them at 8PM.


In addition to this event, another had been seen in the skies south-southwest of Phoenix around 10PM that night. This event I call "The Lights in the Hills". A number of glowing lights/orbs were seen forming a line and they lasted a few minutes before vanishing. What they were was initially a mystery and is a subject of controversy that we will address later. However, we must first examine how the investigators interpreted these events.