The debris cloud from the fireball that passed over the northern United States that December in 1965. (From Robert Shaeffer's web site)

Kecksburg: Fireball fact vs. Flying saucer fiction

ŠTim Printy July 2006

Back in 2003, the Science-Fiction channel's expose on Kecksburg had been aired giving the impression that something really crashed in Kecksburg in 1965. Unfortunately, the program was very one-sided and completely ignored the scientific investigation that had occurred in 1965-66 after the fireball had been seen. Robert Young, Robert Sheaffer, and I held some discussions via e-mail on the subject. Bob Young was kind enough to provide Robert Sheaffer with the materials from Sky and Telescope. Despite Sheaffer's web page directing all the UFO crash advocates to the appropriate scientific investigations, it seems that certain UFOlogists are not really interested in the science that was done at the time. As a result, I decided to put together more information in the following summary of the case to date. Hopefully, it might put to rest most of the nonsense concerning this case that is circulating about.

Chapter 1: A dark December evening.

Chapter 2: Excitement in the woods

Chapter 3: Science has the answer

Chapter 4: Out of the ashes.

Chapter 5: An earthly source?

Chapter 6: Science FICTION versus Science FACT

Chapter 7: Crash or crock?


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