Chapter 1 - Flashes in the Night

Chapter 2 - A Mystery on the Ranch

Chapter 3 - Mac Takes a Drive

Chapter 4 - Jesse's Most Excellent Adventure

Chapter 5 - Exciting Times For Roswell

Chapter 6 - A Deflating Experience

Chapter 7 - Brazel's Final Curtain Call

Chapter 8 - Not a Simple Weather Balloon

Chapter 9 - Kent Jeffrey's "Red Herring"

Chapter 10 - A Crumpled Dishpan and Tight Security

Chapter 11 - The Wild West

Chapter 12 - The Amazing Anderson

Chapter 13 - Every Circus Needs a Clown

Chapter 14 - Dr. Holden I Presume

Chapter 15 - Love in the Desert

Chapter 16 - Where's the Fire?

Chapter 17 - The Creatures

Chapter 18 - The Joker and the Spaceship

Chapter 19 - Here's the Truth!

Chapter 20 - Conspiracy

Chapter 21 - The Most Trusted Pilot

Chapter 22 - What did you do in the great Roswell incident Daddy?

Chapter 23 - Alien Autopsies

Chapter 24 - Missing Messages and Nothing Else

Chapter 25 - Ask Me No Questions…

Chapter 26 - Fables, Myths, Tall Tales, Legends and Sea Stories

Chapter 27 - Pieces and Parts

Chapter 28 - The Shoemaker and the Elves

Chapter 29 - Wanted: Flying Saucer - no questions asked.

Chapter 30 - The Truth Shall Set You Free!



I am what many people in the UFO Community would call, a Skeptic/Debunker. When I was very young, I often would enjoy reading stories about alien spaceships visiting the earth. I still do enjoy reading science fiction. However, my experiences to date have made me very skeptical of any claims that alien spaceships have actually visited this earth at any time. I want to think I try to be open minded but, to date, I have not seen any evidence that would convince me that some beings from another world has visited the earth. My range of experience is that of an amateur astronomer and I am a retired US Navy Senior Chief Petty Officer. I served for over twenty years, most of which was aboard nuclear powered submarines. Although, this experience is not directly related to investigating the events of Roswell, it does provide me with a background to understand some of the concepts involved surrounding the event.

According to the Roswell tale, which, if it occurred as some would want us to believe, the United States Government was able to collect a crashed spaceship and whisk it out to some super-secret location for study. Was this the case? Unfortunately, there is no evidence that this is so. The story centers on an actual event that did occur but not as many of the "witnesses" or "investigators" would have us believe. In many cases, the witnesses are recalling events from long ago and have a tendency to embellish events, as they want to remember them. Add to this mix of actual witnesses, opportunistic con-artists, who have inserted themselves into the events but were never actually involved, and we get wild tales of alien bodies and crashed spaceships. Finally, we supply a series of gullible writers and investigators, who believe they are uncovering the truth about Roswell. These same individuals will reject anything that could possibly prove them wrong because it is their firm belief that this event was the crash of an alien spaceship. They feed at the trough that is Roswell. They are the caretakers of the fable. They propel it forward with enthusiasm and without thinking of the consequences.

The tall tales being told about the "flying disc" recovered near Roswell, New Mexico being a crashed alien spaceship are a myth. I will be using what the authors have presented in all their books to tell the story as I see it. I will demonstrate how the authors mislead the reader through careless research and deceit. For them, the story is about a spaceship that crashed in the desert and the government effort to cover-up the event for 50 years. For me, it is a fable, a myth, a legend, a tall tale, a sea story, all centered around several actual events that occurred in the summer of 1947 somewhere in the state of New Mexico.


With the exception of briefly contacting some persons via e-mail, I have not interviewed these witnesses. I, unfortunately, do not have the time, resources, or money. I have to rely on what is written down for my sources. Obviously, this report is biased to my opinion. If you have a separate opinion, then I suggest you voice it in terms that can be backed up. I am not writing this to change the minds of the devout "Roswellites". As far as I am concerned you can retain such beliefs. However, I produce this to help inform those that wish to get a second opinion and understand all the events that had happened. I offer that opinion and have the sources to back it up. Unfortunately, the amount that is in these sources is not as informative as the direct quotes. I am not talking about edited documents but the ENTIRE story told by the witness. A web site with all these available would help immensely in amateur research (although I find Karl Pflock's two books on the subject very informative because he lists all the affidavits of the witnesses and some very good source documents). Some may feel that I have edited out a lot of the testimony but remember I am not here to support the theory of a crashed saucer. I feel many of these people exaggerated the facts and some are just plain lying. It is up to you to decide but one has to remember how much the witnesses contradict each other. Can all of them being telling the truth? I doubt it and it is up to the reader of these books to separate the wheat from the chaff. I feel that I have done a pretty good job of doing so. Any corrections to my quotes, sources, or information are welcome. Please provide source documentation on these corrections, as I will not add opinions (only my own – since I am paying for this site, I think I have that privilege). If you are going to send some profanity, I prefer you would not. Profanity is the sign of someone with a limited vocabulary. I may respect your opinion to believe a spaceship crashed at Roswell, but I will not respect you if you resort to such methods. Contact me via (substitute the _ with the "at" symbol) if you are interested in commenting, discussing, providing new information, or correcting something I have posted.


Since I first posted this Web page in November 1997, I have made several revisions to these pages. I have now made a complete rewrite of the entire set of pages to conform to proper MLA standards of writing (as I best can interpret them) and to make the entire document flow a little better. I want to thank several individuals who have provided additional information to this document. Most noteworthy is Robert Todd, who has endured my questions and provided a wealth of documents for me to peruse through and clear up some misunderstandings. I will continue to update the site as new information is provided. As of August 1999, these pages have been completely rewritten and are considered a new document. I hope you will continue to enjoy and provide feedback to correct any deficiencies that I may have posted.

In July 2005, I decided to update these web pages by adding some images and updating the source links. Some links are no longer available but I usually have a copy of the original web page on file for those interested.There were minor editorial changes but some pages have had updates to their pages. Those have been designated with revisions underneath the titles of the page. Additionally, I decided to rename the title.

In November 2008, I updated this page again. I tried to clean them up a bit and make them a bit more user friendly. I also added a few more comments and removed some items that appeared to be mostly overkill that I had addressed in other sections of my website.

In July of 2014, I moved the web page to a new server and decided to clean up the pages once again. While I kept the text pretty much intact, I added links to my newsletter SUNlite, which has contained many additional rebuttals and commentaries about the Roswel case. For the latest on Roswell, I suggest the reader go to that web page to download the various issues for free.