“The Roswell incident has emerged as a myth of such power and allure that it is no longer in anyone’s best interest to seek - or admit - to the truth. The town of Roswell profits from increased tourism. The supposed Roswell “witnesses” get their two hours of fame, and immortality in the history books. The Roswell “investigators” garner the adulation of their peers (assuming they have any), and the royalties from book and movie deals. The UFO “organizations” enjoy a new respectability they otherwise haven’t been able to achieve after nearly fifty years of worthless “research”; and at least one politician gets his face plastered all over tabloid TV so that his constituents get the misimpression that he is actually doing something besides gather a fat salary - just in time for the 1996 election. Is it any wonder the truth has been lost in this hodgepodge of vested interests?”
Robert Todd - Cowflop Quarterly December 8, 1995

Jesse Marcel Sr. and the debris he recovered from the crashed flying disc.

The following links will take you to my various articles on the subject of the Roswell UFO crash, which attempt to demonstrate that there was never any alien spaceship or bodies found back in July 1947. Read and judge for yourself.


Roswell 4F: Fabrications, Fumbled Facts, and Fables A rather lengthy on-line report on each aspect of the Roswell case.

Popular Roswell Myths Stories that keep getting repeated by crashed spaceship proponents that are not true or are exaggerations.

Jesse Marcel: GI Joe or GI Doe? Jesse Marcel Sr. made a mistake that summer by misidentifying the wreckage. Did his evaluations reflect that he goofed or did they show he made the greatest discovery since the atomic bomb?

The Ramey Document: Smoking gun or empty water pistol? General Roger Ramey appeared in a photograph with a document in his hand. Crashed UFO proponents suggest it is the "smoking gun" for Roswell.  Others say it is wishful thinking.

The wayward journey of NYU flight #4 The most likely source for the Roswell debris found by Jesse Marcel. A synopsis of what Professor Charles Moore stated about the balloon project he was involved with.

Rudiak: Right? Wrong? Ridiculous? Crashed spaceship proponent David Rudiak accuses Professor Moore of falsifying data and records. Is it true or is it simply misinterpreting what he wrote?

Walter Haut: Roswell Hero or Mythmaker?  Lt. Walter Haut wrote the original press release about the recovery of the wreckage. In later years, his involvement with the Roswell story may have been more than just telling what happened that summer.

Vultures in the desert: A review of Schmitt and Carey's book "Witness to Roswell" The latest attempt to present the crashed spaceship scenario as a fact appears to be litte more than sloppy research and tall tales.