UFOs appear in Mexico (again)!

by Tim Printy August 2004

Updated October 2004

In May of 2004, UFOlogists began to jump up and down with glee as the various national media reported about an infrared video showing mulitple UFOs. The source was from a Mexican Air Force aircraft used for monitoring drug traffic. While they were on patrol, their radar and Infrared Camera recorded multiple contacts that could not be identified. The Mexican military could not determine what the images/contacts were and, as a result, they gave the video to Jaime Maussan, Mexico's leading public figure associated with UFO videos. Maussan, who hosts an investigative television show that specializing in paranormal events, broadcast a highly publicized and, apparently, exaggerated version of the events that transpired. Were these objects really extraordinary or something ordinary misidentified?

UFO hotspot or hotair?

The story breaks

Investigations begin

Flying oil wells?

Is it possible?

Oil wells don't move with respect to each other, do they?

Radar contacts

UFOs over Mexico 2004 solved?

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